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Why I Hate This Tax Season and Why It Hates Me Back

Tax season is upon us (in case you have not noticed it yet.) I noticed it a long time ago, and not because I really enjoy this time of the year or find it fascinating. If anything, I find it cumbersome. Quite disturbing. Alarming. I pick a night to work on my taxes, I pour myself a glass of wine, settle in front of my computer and by the time I open my spreadsheets and glance over my tax forms, I want to give up on a glass of wine and look for the bottle. I feel like I am(…)

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I am Turning 40. Now What?

I am turning forty years old this May. Turning forty feels as if I am reaching some kind of threshold, a new door that I am going to open, a milestone if you will.

Now, let’s talk about my birthdays for a second. I hate my birthdays not because I am afraid to turn older, but because I always feel lonely.  And I cry a lot. I sob. I indulge in self-pity and misery. Yes, I love to feel gloomy on my birthdays. My birthday is the saddest day of the year.

Of course, there is a sadistic side to all of(…)

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Ten Things You Gain When You Stop Being Cheap

Reason. Yes, you gain reason. You simply stop thinking that you can get a lot of stuff for free. You stop asking to pay $15 for a five star service. You stop insulting people who ask you to pay for their service and deliver ten times more.

Understanding. You stop caring about the price that you going to pay. Instead, you suddenly start to understand the meaning of value of a product or a service. The more you care about something, the more you are willing to spend. Your understanding of things becomes clear.

Consideration. You stop mooching off people. When you(…)

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Love Skiing But Hate Spending? Go Nordic.

Utah. Dry summers. Cold winters. Snowy mountains. Expensive ski resorts.

Utahns love their snow so much that they claim to have “The Best Snow on Earth.” I can argue with this statement. To say something like this means you are way too arrogant to my liking. Personally, I think the best snow on Earth is at the North Pole. But I digress.

In spite of living in a ski state, neither Beaker nor I have ever skied. Neither of us can get to the top of a steep slope, and effortlessly glide down. Neither of us can conquer the mountains. There is(…)

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Things I Learned About Myself in November

Last month I decided to explore a different realm of writing besides blogging, and I joined NaNoWrimo. I was writing a novel. In one month. Yeah, I know what you are thinking.

During this one month I not only attempted to write a novel, I also did some self-analysis, self-exploration and self-beating. As usual, I multitasked.

I also re-evaluated my opinions about certain writers. My respect for those who start to write a novel and actually finish it grew exponentially. I gained huge respect for Stephanie Meyer and her nauseatingly cheesy Twilight saga. At least, she was able to produce over 100K(…)

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And God Said…”No”

This post is written by Lucille, a staff writer for My Broken Coin. 

God and I have had an on/off relationship , like many of my relationships. It’s tough love. God is perfect; I am not; but he allows me to bask in the rays of love now and then. He’s all knowing and all seeing and I’m just blinded by his power. I don’t see what he sees so whenever I ask for something he knows better. “Anything you can do, I can do better,” doesn’t apply here. God doesn’t play games with mortals but he sure has a wicked sense(…)

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Consumerism: Affluenza and Regular Bouts of Temporary Amnesia

This post is written by Lucille, a staff writer for My Broken Coin. 

It’s official – I’m suffering from affluenza and regular bouts of temporary amnesia. I say this as I find myself in an ever increasing consumeristic mindset. The particular strain of affluenza I have succumbed to is aspirational. I can’t afford full blown affluence yet and I sometimes forget that I have a lot of good stuff that makes for a comfortable life. But I want more….more goods, gadgets and toys to come into my life but, right at this moment, it’s not an option and cannot be for(…)

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Child-Friendly Or Not?

This post is written by Lucille, a staff writer for My Broken Coin. 

The recent post “I’d Rather Have New Shoes Than Kids” and the subsequent comments made me realize the great social divide between the US and the rest of the world.  Comments posted were from like-minded US citizens so I thought it’d be interesting to provide a view from across the pond.

I live in Europe and we consider ourselves a child-friendly society. We have no beef with little people who come to change, uplift, confuse and frustrate us. Parenthood is a tumultuous and often thankless task but it’s no less(…)

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