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My First Podcast: Consumerism Commentary and Mail-Order Brides

A few weeks ago Flexo from Consumerism Commentary asked me if I would be willing to do a podcast and talk about my mail-order brides article series. Without a second thought, without a hint of hesitation, I said “yes, of course.” We set up a date, and time, and only then it hit me: I will be interviewed! People will… Read more »

The Financial Dangers of Being a Mail-Order Bride

I’ve been asked by one of my male readers why I am not addressing the risks that men face in a mail-order bride situation. I do not address men’s risks because they are not the ones who end up in a foreign country with no means of support, fully depending financially and emotionally on their spouse. I chose to speak… Read more »

My Mother Was a Mail-Order Bride: The American

This is Part III of My Mother Was A Mail-Order Bride. You can find Part I here and Part II here.  He arrived to Lithuania in a fashionable but very thin coat. It was February, one of the coldest and miserable months in Lithuania. He chose to travel in the off-season to save some money on air tickets. He paid… Read more »

The Cost Of Being A Mail-Order Bride

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This is Part II of My Mother Was a Mail-Order Bride.  Financially it did not cost us anything. Emotionally we were a nervous wreck. The agency printed my mom’s picture and her short bio in a paper catalog. There was no Internet back then in Lithuania. All correspondence was done the old-fashioned way, through the mail. The cost of services… Read more »

My Mother Was a Mail-Order Bride

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People often ask me how I came to the United States. Sometimes they give me an unpleasant smirk, wink at Beaker, my American husband, and say nothing but imply a lot. Sometimes they go as far as measure me up and down, and blatantly ask me if I was a mail-order bride. In response, I always force myself to smile… Read more »