Plan your Finances and Review them Regularly
Every New Year brings a level of optimism but sometimes it dissipates fairly quickly. When it comes to financial planning there is never a bad time to sit down and check whether your affairs are in good order. There are many different reports of debt which is seemingly unmanageable. With the recession gone and growth,…

If you are staring at your bank account balance after a recent spending binge and are seeing a negative balance, you are not alone. Whether you went a little crazy shopping at the mall, had too much fun over the weekend or last track of your spending while on vacation, one thing is for certain.… (6 comments)

Our first paycheck of the month melted away like ice cream on a Mexican beach. It was not because I failed my no-buy self-induced painful challenge (I will elaborate on this shameful event later this month). There was something else eating away at our paycheck. Quite literary, by the way. We all know that the… (48 comments)