39 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I am in bed, having the worst cold ever. Of course it is not the worst ever, it just feels that way. My head is stuffed and so is my brain. Instead of writing something informative, thought-provoking or self-bitching, I decided to write something that hopefully will give my readers a glimpse of who is behind this blog.

This post is not about my reasoning for rent or buy decisions, high risk life insurance, or cause of unemployment. I don’t even write about these things, right? This post actually was prompted by Joe who blogs at Retire By 40. He thought I am in my twenties and was surprised to learn that I am older than he. It made me think that I need to properly introduce myself to my readers.

Without any further ado:


  1. I will be 39 years old this spring (this should explain the title of this post.)
  2. I speak three languages: Russian, Lithuanian and English.
  3. I am agnostic (note: it is very different from atheist, don’t be confused!) Yes, I don’t go to church.
  4. I became a U.S. citizen in 2009.
  5. 2012 will be my first presidential election that I can vote. Finally!
  6. I’ve been living in the U.S. 12 years.
  7. I don’t cook at home. Beaker does.
  8. I hate cleaning.
  9. I worry a lot about everything.
  10. I don’t watch sports. Not even basketball or ice skating.
  11. I don’t watch reality TV (because it sucks big time). My TV habit is good. Relatively.
  12. I relax the most when I read or mindlessly stare at the ocean.
  13. I drink a lot of green tea. And coffee.
  14. My favorite meat is lamb.
  15. I am a home body.
  16. I am addicted to a runner’s high.
  17. I am addicted to blogging.
  18. I love hiking, and I think that I don’t do it enough.
  19. I don’t like lifting weights but I think that I do it a lot.
  20. I cry at weddings.
  21. I cry at movies.
  22. I cry, reading a good and sad book.
  23. I think Harry Potter is overrated.
  24. I think Valentine’s is overrated.
  25. I always wanted to study English language and Russian literature, but instead I studied Library Science and Accounting.
  26. My favorite food is sushi.
  27. I prefer white wine to red.
  28. I am afraid to fly. You don’t want to sit next to me on a plane. Ever.
  29. I love horror movies.
  30. I acted in school theatre.
  31. I talk to my mother almost every day. But I don’t see her often enough.
  32. I live in Utah where we claim that we have the greatest snow on Earth, but I don’t ski.
  33. I prefer to live in a condo rather than in a house.
  34. I want a pink FIAT. Seriously.
  35. I hate clutter but I am good at creating it.
  36. I feel lonely on my birthdays. Always.
  37. I am a gambler (but thankfully I’m not the addictive type.)
  38. I would like to retire in Paris.
  39. I am a receipt hoarder.
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56 Responses to “39 Things You Don’t Know About Me”

  1. It’s nice to get to know you Aloysa! I will try not to be hurt by the harry potter insult… :)

  2. Ok – ya caught me surprised too! I, like Rb40 thought you were in your 20s and that I was older than you (I am 36).

    Interesting things to learn about you!

  3. Receipt hoarder how could you!

    Nice to know ya better!

  4. I honestly thought you were my age (27). I always lonely on birthday, too.

  5. Thanks for sharing!
    >>I prefer white wine to red.<< too bad for you. :)
    I thought a lady never reveals her age.

  6. So glad you’re telling us more about you…love your list, but I HATE horror movies! I used to hoard receipts. Now I throw them out as fast as I can :).

  7. MoneyCone says:

    Good to know a little about you Aloysa! At first I was wondering why 39 – then it struck me! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I totally thought you were in your 20’s for some reason!! is the pic you use a pencil sketch of you? because for some reason, i pictured you asian from that pic…

  9. So I guess you are 39 going on 20 :)
    While working with you I got to know your real name as well. Your secret’s safe with me.

  10. Jai Catalano says:

    I cry at movies too. I one time got caught crying when I went to see King Kong. I mean it was sad to me.

  11. This is good and I can use it to raise the veil a bit. You are a decade younger than me (but it doesn’t matter…really), on most of the questions it is a snap (frankly I think agnosticism has to do with a Christian Orthodox background; just like hedonistic abandonment without guilt) and the spooky one is Harry Potter (I have been having debates arguing that she is not a good writer and at first was heavily edited). But what is with white wine? Nothing beats a really good botle of red!

    Get well soon!

  12. Thad P says:

    I hate clutter but I am good at creating it.
    This is my number one new goal for 2012…to declutter.

  13. Hello, from one Harry Potter-dissing, white wine-drinking, sushi-eating, sports-ignoring, home-bodied American citizen to another!

  14. You are in utah? That’s awesome, we are neighbors!

  15. Nice to meet you, again! Honestly I didn’t see one thing on the list that would prevent us from being friends in real life. I am the son of an Eastern European immigrant, so I know where you are coming from.

    Hope you feel better!

  16. Lamb really is one of the best foods, especially a nice, rare New Zealand rack, but a full-bodied red pairs with it so much better than a white 😉

  17. Eric says:

    That is an awesome post. I feel like I know a lot more about you. It is interesting to get that sort of perspective on someone.

  18. Bridget says:

    aww Utah really is the best snow on earth. I lived there for awhile and it was great.. now I live in Canada where it is pretty ok too.

  19. Let’s see here- I’m 36, a Humanist (not agnostic or atheist, though they are often combined), love watching sports (except basketball and baseball- boring), am married to a homebody who doesn’t watch sports, don’t like wine at all…
    Which means you’re a perfect person for me to know. Life would be so uber boring if we were all alike

  20. Put out a great post like this on your birthday, get more than 40 comments and congratulations and feel hopefully a little less lonely that day.

  21. Great things to know about you! I knew you were ex Soviet.

  22. I didn’t know you were 39! Happy birthday next year!!

    We have a lot in common :)

    I think harry potter and valentines day are overrated too.

    I also relax well when staring at the ocean (one of my favourite spots, being on the beach and listening to the waves) and I also worry a lot.

  23. I was right on you being from Russia and your age but I didn’t know you lived in the US. I thought you were overseas.

  24. I remembered from before that you were from Russia, but I thought you were in your late 20’s! From reading your list, I would say that we have a lot in common…now if I could only write as well as you!

  25. 101 Centavos says:

    You think Valentine’s overrated? Beaker is one lucky dude!

  26. Lisa @ Cents To Save says:

    I always thought you were younger! And I like white wine more that red… especially Moscato :)

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  28. Squirrelers says:

    Cool post! Thanks for telling us more about yourself. I like the way you went about it.
    Enjoy your 1st opportunity to vote in the presidential election!

  29. I love staring at the ocean. There is nothing more calming than watching waves.
    Great list!

  30. Buck Inspire says:

    Great to learn more about you Aloysa! I kinda thought you were in your 30’s and knew you were Lithuanian. Your pic reminds me of Nagel. Get rid of those receipts unless it’s a big purchase or if you are writing it off. I prefer white and Paris rocks!

  31. Great post. I also thought you were in your 20s. I don’t know what we have in common other than nerdy love for personal finance. I hate sushi, drink red wine and want to retire in Florida.

  32. This is very brave of you – revealing your age, likes, dislikes, etc. Great way to interject some personality back into the mix. I can safely say we have a lot in common – especially the horror movies. I just love them!

  33. Marashor says:

    Hey Aloysa, I stumbled upon this post and couldn’t resist listing all that we share in common. :)

    * I worry a lot about everything. Check

    * I don’t watch sports. Not even basketball or ice skating. Check (but I used to love going to high school basketball games when my cousins played, I also used to love watching the NBA games before they traded many of my fav players)

    * I relax the most when I read or mindlessly stare at the ocean. Check (no ocean nearby, but this Pisces is a true water lover)

    * I am a home body. Check (I plan to start going more, because there are so many places I wish to explore, but I live as a homebody)

    * I think Harry Potter is overrated. Check (hope any wizards aren’t around, but I never understood the magic behind gaining such a huge fan base — J.K.R. success definitely inspires many writers however)

    * I am afraid to fly. You don’t want to sit next to me on a plane. Ever. Check (sooo me)

    * I love horror movies. Check (sooo me, but unfortunately, nowadays I find it challenging to find one worth the watch)

    * I feel lonely on my birthdays. Always. Check (teary-eyed, I know the feeling!)

    * I am a gambler (but thankfully I’m not the addictive type.) Check (back to the homebody thingy above, hitting the casino’s in the nearest state is pretty much the only time I get out, shame on me)

    • Karen Agusta says:

      Interesting how much you have in common with Aloysa, but I don’t think she read your response. Nice when you have readers that take out the time to read every detail.

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